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August 24, 2010


Tracy Wood

You forgot about Handy Manny, My boys both love him. Buzz Lightyear goes Spanish too in the new Toy Story. Maybe the toy companies are finally catching up.


Also there is Baby Abuelita. A brand that is really out in front with a line of dolls, books and animated videos that are perceived as more authentic by Hispanic consumers. I love that they have used Grandparent characters to draw in adults of all ages as well as children. Now that’s reaching beyond the boundaries!


Hi Richard,

I just wanted to say that we [Hip Venture Co.] are building a company based specifically on what you have laid out here.

Specifically, we are going after the "post-preschool" late-tween and teen market segment with bicultural and bilingual brands and games that will exist everywhere they are.

The brands mentioned in your article and by the commenter, as well as Maya & Miguel, El Tigre and others are all targeted to the very young and mostly preschool market. Collectively they are what we see as a massive pre-marketing for the brands we're developing.

We have four titles that we are currently developing...

The first is HipChicas; five characters in a band that travel from city to city to 'Help Improve the Planet" - HIP.

Others that will follow are the Homies, Hacienda and Mijos. Stay tuned, because we will be coming soon!

Lazaro Fuentes
Hip Venture Co.

Jordan 1

Just wanted to say that you have some awesome content on your website. If it's OK I would like to use some of the information you provided on my webiste. If I link back to your website would it be OK to do so?

Jeux Dora

I love Dora very much. I love Dora Games too


I've been asking myself the same question. My store was focused on bilingual toys. However, it seems than we can not offer more variety due to the reason you just mention on your post. It's frustating not to have much to offer to the hispanic community.

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