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July 20, 2010


Terry Cabak

So the comic is not meant for kids? The word's "Kinky" and "Maid" seem out of place I think. Also, this is very close to a screenplay I am developing so it was interesting to be informed of this.

Note there's also Knights of the Dinner Table from my friend Dave Kenzer and Larry Leadhead for us miniature war gamers.

Mary Couzin

I thought this might happen. He has comics for both groups - kids and adults. I chose the edgier comic for this group since it is an adult group.


Mary Kay Russell

Love this ... I'm looking forward to more of Mack!


Hm, not my kind of thing. The art style is too rigid and unemotive, and the humour is very predictable. Perhaps this just isn't the best example of the strip, I don't know, but it left me somewhat underwhelmed. I guess I've been spoilt by the likes of 8-Bit Theatre and the Order of the Stick. Still, there's mileage in the concept, but I do wonder exactly how many board games exist that are universally well-known enough to be effective targets for satire. It could get old pretty quickly.

(Also nice to hear KotDT mentioned, since I have a regular column in there myself, though not a cartoon-related one!)

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